KEST Adventure Potential Service Project (Group or Individual)

Nyumbani Children’s Home


Helping a child with crafts.

  1. Facilitating Saturday activities such as teaching yoga, running crafts programs, working in the library or computer lad, offering field games.
  2. Helping your host cottage with chores, joining them for Friday/Saturday night activities within their cottage.
  3. Sorting food from large bags of low quality food like beans, lentils, rice. A very important service that draws crowds of children!
  4. Helping the cottage moms and/or uncles out with any projects they are currently working on.

Nyumbani Village


Building a chicken coop from the ground up.

  1. Work in the garden nursery planting seedlings;
  2. Install and/or repair drip-irrigation for home gardens (June and July are dry months);
  3. Planting trees for firewood (the only source of power for cooking is firewood);
  4. Compost project- educate about composting; make signs to reinforce composting ‘rules’ composting is already set up at each home but NOT being followed correctly;
  5. Planting flowers around clusters/village common areas and buildings- beautification;
  6. Design and paint a mural for inspiration and beautification;
  7. Sanitation education (posters, signs, reminders to wash hands)- train sho shos in hand washing after toilet, before and after meals, set up infrastructure;
  8. Education to sho shos on fertilization, planting, use of grey water;
  9. Work on on-going projects like chicken coops, family farm packs, animal care, etc.


  1. Help with weekly food distribution
  2. Interview grandparents for Memory Book project
  3. Shadow the clinical officer for a day
  4. Help teach classes in the Sister School Program
  5. Be a group leader for the Young Ambassadors Club, a KEST-founded after school program.

The Young Ambassadors Club focuses on Community Service, Leadership Potential and Ambassadorship.

Nyumbani Lea Toto Outreach Clinics


Painting at a Lea Toto Centre.

Not as much service involved here. Learning takes place per the medical and social needs of Lea Toto clients, children that are HIV+. Meet with Social Workers, Community Health Workers, Medical Professionals (Clinical Officers and Counselors)

Maasai PCDA (Pastoral Community Development Alliance)


Helping the Maasai women build a kitchen for the school.

  1. Teach classes to the Maasai pre-school children- using crafts, books, music, and performance
  2. Run outdoor recess- using games and active songs
  3. Work with a momma in her manyatta, shadowing her chores

These ideas are simply the tip of the iceberg. If you have your own idea, or have questions about those stated above, by all means, Contact Us.