The Finer Details


Kenya 2013 007 (1)Dimesse Sisters’ Retreat Centre – Welcoming environment with well-maintained facilities and a very friendly staff! Lovely landscaped gardens perfect for quiet reflection; Beautiful single rooms with private bathroom/shower; Excellent meals provided on site, tea service twice a day; Gathering areas for group use; 24-hour guard service; Two miles from the Nyumbani Children’s Home, Dimesse Sisters’ Retreat Centre is in a convenient location for both KEST/Nyumbani service activities and local sights around Nairobi.

Kenya 2013 1095Nyumbani Village Guest House – primitive, rural housing, dormitory style with bunk beds, minimal accompaniments, pit toilet…you CAN do this! Nights are VERY dark, only solar power available. No running water. Gives you a great feel of how much of the Kenyan population lives yet these accommodations verge on “Middle class” in some areas. Lovely setting, beautiful night skies, and mesmerizing drive.

246484150405_0_BG[1]Maasai Mara Tented Campsite – Each tent has two cots, a cement floor and fabric walls with mosquito netting. The campsite has flushing toilets, running water, and a primitive shower. Maasai warriors escort you to and from the “facilities”! Maasai guards tend a fire all night to provide light for late night excursions! We are thick into Maasai country and it is truly beautiful in so many ways.

Kenya Safari 2011 153Maasai Mara Lodges – with beautiful, yet simple floorplans, lodges in the Mara meet all your basic needs. Designed as wildlife inns, the rooms and common areas will help you relax and reflect on the beautiful landscapes and animals from safari. Lodges that Spurwing Travel frequent are the Sarova Mara Lodge, the Keekorok Lodge and the Serena Lodge.

Kenya Safari 2011 017Lake Nakuru Guest Lodge – meant to blend in with the surroundings, Lake Nakuru Lodge will make you feel at home with clean, simple furnishings and breathtaking views.

Packing Recommendations

January-February temperatures range from the mid-60s in the morning and night to the mid to upper 80s during the day. Expect warmer, dryer conditions while visiting Nyumbani Village.


June-August temperatures range from the mid-50s in the morning and night to the mid to upper 70s during the day. Expect warmer, dryer conditions while visiting Nyumbani Village

Layers are encouraged!

The Bag Breakdown

  • 1 Personal Suitcase/Duffle –50 pounds (consider how much laundry/hand-washing you want to do)
  • 1 Extra Suitcase/Duffle –50 pounds (provide your own suitcase/duffle and fill with requested donations or KEST will provided and fill a duffel of donations for you!)
  • 1 Backpack/Carry-On- no liquids larger than 3oz.
  • 1 Small Bag/Purse/Fanny Pack- no liquids larger than 3oz.