Donations needed by the communities KEST serves, in no particular order.  This is simply the tip of the iceberg, but a good place to start.

  • Two school food programs– to provide porridge in the morning and getheri (beans and maize) at noon for Mutungu and Oloropil Primary Schools, serving both a Kamba and Maasai community. Kenya is suffering one of the worst droughts in recorded history.  Food supplies are depleted and too expensive for the families of  these children to buy.  Since starting this food program, attendance at both schools has increase from roughly 53% to over 90%.  The sustenance offered at the schools may be the only food offered each day to the children.  On-going, year-round project.
  • Water program at Mutungu Primary School–  if we can provide the water through donations, they can plant a field to grow food to supplement the on-going food program, sponsored by KEST supporters. Ultimately, the goal is for the community to grow the food needed to feed their children and not need KEST support any longer, becoming self-sufficient.  The key is water.  Mirrors the adage instead of giving fish, teach people to fish and they will never go hungry.  Needed are gutters, down spouts and water containers.  The community will provide the land, work force, plants and provide care for the plants, but nothing is possible without captured rain water, used not only to water plants but also drinking, cooking and cleaning. This joint efforts estimated cost is 273,000ksh = $2,730USD.
Gutters 25 850.00 21,250.00
Stoppers 4 200.00 800.00
Pipes 20 900.00 18,000.00
Corners 3 450.00 1,350.00
Outlets 2 500.00 1,000.00
Elbow 2 300.00 600.00
Joints 15 400.00 6,000.00
Clips 70 200.00 14,000.00
Tankbase Construction 2 20,000.00 40,000.00
Water Tanks 2[10,000L] 85,000.00 170,000.00
TOTALS     =KSH 273,000.00
  • Medical supplies– especially First Aid Kits and basic medical supplies like latex gloves, gauze pads, ibuprofen, and antibiotics, are in great need.  Supplied will be dispersed to the three Nyumbani Programs- Children’s Home, Lea Toto and Village- and Mutungu and Oloropil Primary Schools.

  • Sisal stripping machine– for the sho shos (grandmothers) living at Nyumbani Village, to raise a ‘cash crop’ to accumulate funds for their ‘retirement’.  KEST has been given a total of 20 acres, 15 acres already planted with sisal.  The first crops will be harvested in January 2018 and 5 additional acres will be planted.  Now predicting a great excess, the sho shos can sell the extra sisal. If unable to accumulate a ‘retirement fund’, they go back to their homesteads after their youngest grandchild graduates from Nyumbani Village and are once again, destitute.  The sho sho’s use the sisal to weave baskets and pocketbooks. The cost of the Sisal stripping machine is 200,000ksh = $2,000 USD

    Backpacks with school supplies– New backpacks with basic school supplies inside are of great need at Nyumbani Village, Mutungu and Oloropil Primary Schools and Nyumbani Children’s Home!  The Kenyan school year begins in January so the greatest push occurs in the fall for January delivery.

  • Yarn yarn in balls the size of your fist or bigger.  The sho shos used the yarn to weave their gorgeous baskets. On-going, year-round calling.
  • Sanitary pad packs–  for the adolescent girls at the three Nyumbani programs and Mutungu and Oloropil Primary Schools.  The packs that each adolescent girl will receive contains a year’s worth of sanitary pads and 7 pairs of underpants, costing $5.60 per pack… imagine!  Without the pads, the girls are not allowed to attend school so they miss one week a month of classes, totally unacceptable. There are over 1,150 girls in need for a total cost of $6,440 USD

  • New underpants and socks of all sizes– there are never enough of these items to go around to all the children and adults in need.  On-going, year-round program.

Please note:

  • KEST is a LLC, Limited Liability Company.  Receipts will be awarded to you for your donations from the site where it is used.  These can be used for tax purposes.
  • Any other donations in hand, just ask if they are in need.